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The Foxboro® brand Models 15A, 13A, and 13HA pneumatic d/p Cell transmitters measure differential pressure and transmit a standard pneumatic signal to receivers which may be several hundred metres or yards away.

13A Series DP Transmitters measure differential pressure and transmit a proportional pneumatic output signal. Adjustable for ranges from 0-5 to 0-210 kPa (0-20 to 0-850 in H2O) ΔP at static pressures up to 14 MPa (2000 psi).

Foxboro d/p Cell Transmitters have been the standard of process industry ever since they were developed and introduced for sale more than 30 years ago. Many thousands of successful, troublefree installations have demonstrated the exceptional dependability of these outstanding transmitters.

These transmitters are used in flow, liquid level, density, and low pressure measurement applications. They offer wide span adjustability and broad zero suppression and zero elevation capabilities within the range limits for each series. They are ideal for the most demanding applications.

The simple design of the topworks and the fieldreplaceable capsule makes servicing these transmitters exceptionally easy and economical. Interchangeability of most of the topworks parts with other Foxboro pneumatic force balance transmitters provides further savings to the user by minimizing spare parts inventory.