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The Foxboro® brand Models 11GM and 11GH Transmitters accurately measure gauge pressure and transmit a proportional pneumatic output signal to receivers which may be several hundred metres or yards away.

11GM Pneumatic Gauge Pressure Transmitters measure gauge pressure and transmit a proportional pneumatic output signal. Adjustable for ranges from 0-0.07 to 0-14 MPa (0-10 to 0-2000 psi).

Spans are fully adjustable up to a 10:1 ratio, providing wide rangeability in a single instrument. Fewer stand-by transmitters are required.

The Models 11GM and 11GH Transmitters use the same topworks as other Foxboro Pneumatic d/p Cell® Transmitters. This mechanism has been the standard for differential pressure measurement since Foxboro introduced it over 50 years ago. Many thousands of successful, trouble-free installations have demonstrated the exceptional dependability of these outstanding transmitters.

These transmitters are equipped with a vernier range adjustment which allows the operator to select one of several predetermined ranges without removing the transmitter from the process. No other calibration apparatus is required for the predetermined ranges.

Since accuracy is a function of calibrated span, precision is retained even with highly elevated- or suppressed-zero ranges.