SGE985 Limitní spínač indukční



  • Indication of final stop by 2 inductive limit-switches in 2-wire- (NAMUR) or 3-wire- technology according to DIN 19234
  • Indication of final stops by 2 micro-switches




  • Variable switching functions
  • Precise switching points by an adjustable transmission
  • Robust design; low vibration effect in all directions
  • Mounting according to DIN IEC 534 part 6 (NAMUR)
  • Rotation adapter for angles up to 120 °
  • Mounting on linear actuators according to IEC 534, Part 6 (NAMUR)
  • Mounting on rotary actuators according to VDI/VDE 3845
  • Simple adjustment to strokes of 8 to 100 mm (0.3 to 4 in) and, by means of rotary adapter, to angular displacements of up to 120°
  • Protection class IP 54,  IP 65 (on request)
  • Explosion protection:

II 2 G Ex ia IIC acc. to ATEX 
“Intrinsic Safety” acc. to FM and CSA


The Limit switch SGE985 serves as an end position indication for valves / actuators and can be mounted to stroke actuators as well as to rotary actuators.

The unit is available with inductive slot-type- sensors or micro-switches and indicates exceedings or declinings of two adjustable positions.